Fri, 10 Jul 2020

Quantitative and Alternative Data Analysis in Finance

With Focus on US Macro Data - Sentiment, SEC fillings, US Treasuries, Quantitative, US Dollar

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Real Time / Live Data

Todays News with Sentiment Denotation
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Sentiment macro news
Real time analysis of macro news headlines mainly in respect to US economy and US stock market.

Latest 5 days - USD versus EUR , GBP, JPY
2020 - Dow Jones Index , re-weighed Dividends

Subscription Only Data

Below are data collections and data analysis available only to subcribed users.

Sentiment Analysis Intra Day and Historical

Fundamentals Data Analysis e.g. Operational Cash Flow, Net Income, Dividends, Total Cash Flow

Insiders Transactions Activity Analysis as from SEC Fillings

Quantitative Analysis of Macro Data Relative prices (S&P500, FX, US Treasury)

Other Types of Analysis that are not Classified in Any Category Above